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Fees are base on seasons of play


First Season to play ( doesn’t matter what season you begin playing )


The first season of play the base fee registration cost is $ 99 per player. 


What does the base cover?  


9 weeks of paly while other soccer programs range from 6 to 8 weeks.


The base fee covers all administrative fees:

Website fee

Thunder Beach registrar

Thunder Beach Program Director

Thunder Beach nightly program manager

Field rent

Field maintenance

Field utilities

Program marketing  


 What additional fees are there that are added in to the cost for a person to play in a Thunder Beach sand soccer league? 


 Kansas State Youth Soccer affiliation fees 

 Player Insurance fee

 Referee fees

 Team T-shirt fee.

 City, State taxes.


 What is the total cost for a boy or girl to participate in the Thunder Beach
 sand soccer program?


 A Players first season total cost  is : Youth or Adults $140 dollars


  Note:  Youth and Adult players and Youth and Adult teams that are already registered with the Kansas State  Soccer Associations for the year 2020 to play field soccer will have already paid their insurance fee so their cost would be a total of $131 to participate in the first session of sand soccer.  


The cost to a player for any additional season after the first season registration is $120 


 Is there a way to reduce the cost of an individual to play Sand Soccer?




• You can volunteer to do field maintenance. ( click on the here to take you to field maintenance)


• You can register during the early bird registration period. (click
  on the link here to go to registration)


  Is there a way to pay a little now,  some in the near future, and then a

  remaining balance before the league starts? 




  Thunder Beach sand soccer has been in your position when our
  kids wanted to participate in various sports activities. We understand!


  •  You can put down a $40 deposit when originally registering


 •  A second payment will be made the next month ( minimum 

     payment $40)

 •  Final payment of the remaining balance three weeks before
     registration closes.



     When does the early bird registration begin and end?


    Early Bird registration begins February 2nd and runs through the
    end of  February 


    How much do you save by signing up during the early bird


You save $15 a player if you sign up during the early bird 

    registration period.


    When does the regular registration period begin and end?


     The Regular registration period begins on March 1st  and runs
     until March 31st. 


     Can you sign up after the regular registration period ends?


      Yes! you can sign up after the regular registration period ends.
     However, there is a late registration fee of $15 per player added 
to the
normal registration fee.