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Types of Registration

Individual/Free Agent
You want to play but don’t have a full team? At Thunder Beach KC you can register as a free agent and we will do our best to place you on a team.


Two-Player Entry

You are able to sign up with a friend and Thunder Beach KC will do our best to place you on the same team. Please ensure that the skill level of both players is some what equal. Thunder Beach KC reserves the right to move players should their be a substantial difference in skill level. If a particular player is clearly at a level above his or her peers in that league and there are no openings in a higher level, thay player may be asked to sit out of competition for the remainder of the season without refund.**


Small Group

Thunder Beach KC will do our best to keep you and your small group together, adding in two-player sign-ups and individuals after registration has closed. Thunder Beach KC does reserve the right to move players and separate your small group should their be substantial differences in skill level. If higher or lower leagues are full, those players may be asked to sit out of competition for the remainder of the season without refund.**


**Remember: This is our first season and we are not acquainted with player capabilities. Work with us! If you have problems or concerns please let the staff know and we will do the best we can for all parties involved.

Team Registration

A 5 vs 5 full team is 10 to 12 players
A 6 vs 6 full team is 12 to 14 players 


Thunder Beach KC reserves the right to add players to an incomplete team entry and/or move players to a different league should there be a substantial difference in skill. Please do your best to register teams for the correct leagues based on skill level. Players may request to play up a division, but not down a division. Girls may play on boys teams and women may play on men's teams. 


Registration Acceptance  

  • Teams are accepted on a first-in, first accepted basis until we reach the registration deadline or a division is full, whichever comes first.
  • You will not be able to register multiple teams in a division with the exact same team name
  • Only individuals, groups or teams that have registered and paid in full are considered for the Thunder Beach Sand Soccer KC league. Individuals, groups or teams not paid in full by the close of registration will not be considered but will be placed on a waiting list should an opening arise. Fees must be paid in full to participate if an opening arises.
  • If there is not a spot in the division you selected, Thunder Beach KC will contact you. If there is an opportunity in a different skill level Thunder Beach KC will try and let you know that to see if you feel comfortable playing in that type of league.
  • If Thunder Beach KC is not able to accept your individual, group, or team entry because that division has been filled or there are not enough teams for a league in that division, your individual, group or team entry will be refunded in full.
  • Waitlist individuals, groups or teams will be notified if Thunder Beach is unable to accept you within 7 days after the registration deadline has been passed.