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Thunder Beach and our staff thanks everyone for being patient as we begin our sand soccer program here in Kansas City.
Thunder Beach supports all the efforts of national, state and local governments and their guidelines to help contain and 
​get control of this terrible virus.  We salute the health care workers, the police, the firefighters and national guard, and everyone else that have answered the call to help curtail the spread of this devastating disease.  

We pray for all those people who have died because of this disease. We pray for the victims' families who have suffered because of the coronavirus.  We pray for all the businesses that have had to close down and who may be shut down due to lost revenues.   We pray for all the people who lost their jobs and that have had to live without a paycheck during this "Stay in place order".

Because of the required social distancing of people, Thunder Beach has had to cancel the normal spring and summer leagues and to rework our entire program for 2020.

Please notice a hopeful, new schedule, for the late summer and fall Thunder Beach programs and tournaments that are based on the belief that our country will find a vaccine to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Better yet, we pray that our talented medical scientiest and doctors will find a cure for the coronavirus. 

Thunder Beach Sand Soccer KC will be contacting everyone who had signed up for our spring and summer programs and asking them if they would like a refund of the fees they have already paid, or if they would like to have their payment carried over into the new sand soccer and tournament schedule.


What skills are developed playing sand soccer? 

The technical ability of players in the areas of dribbling, passing and shooting drastically improves after playing sand soccer. Goalkeepers also gain experience as sand soccer features lots of shots on goal. Goalkeepers can perfect diving techniques on a soft surface.


Are there different levels of play?

This is dependent upon the number of players/teams we get registered for each event. It is our goal to offer recreational and premier options. 


Does Thunder Beach Sand Soccer have both girls and boys leagues?

This will be dependent on the event. At this time, we are offering separate girls and boys opportunities however this is subject to change based on interest level/number of registrations. 


What ages are able to participate in youth leagues and tournaments?

Birth years ranging from 2002 to 2012 (U9 - U19). Follow this link for a calendar birth year matrix.


Can a player play up an age group?

Yes. A player can choose to play up but obviously should be able to compete at that level.


How many teams in a league?

We do not currently have a youth league option. We are hoping to offer youth leagues in our second year of operation. For year one (summer/fall 2020), we are focusing on tournaments and open play nights to introduce sand soccer to the Kansas City community.


The one exception to this is our Summer 2020 High School league. The number of teams is dependent upoin registrations, however our goal is 16. 


How many players on the field at a time?

U9 - U12 has 4 players and a goalie on the field at a time. U13 and up have 3 players and a goalie on the field at a time. For the Thunder Beach Youth Throwdown Tournament (July 31-Aug 3), we will be playing all games on small sided fields, including U13/14 games.


What is the average team size?

This is subject to the tournament/league guidelines, however it will generally be...

U9 - U12 = 12 players make up a team

U13 and up = 10 players make up a team


Can a person enter as an individual, with a friend, a small group or a team?

Our first preference is for participants to register as a team. This is also more cost-effective for you. We can accommodate individuals and will do our best to try to keep duos and small groups together but that is not guaranteed.


What about weather concerns?

Updates on playing conditions and weather delays are available on our website (scrolling across the top of the home page) and through our social media accounts. Updates will be posted no later than an hour and half before the time of your scheduled game. 


Can I register over the phone?

Yes! Please call 913-944-7345 and have your credit card ready. 


If 913-944-6345 is busy and you do not want to wait, call 888-710-SAND (7263) and listen to FAQ’s or leave your name, cell phone number, your question and someone from Thunder Beach Sand Soccer KC will return your call.


Please call between 9:00am to 5:00pm. We look forward to talking to you and answering your questions.


What are the registration deadlines for summer 2020?

High School League = June 22

Thunder Beach Youth Throwdown Tournament = July 19

High School Tournament (for those not playing in the league as well) = July 24


How much does it cost to play?

Cost to participate in the various leagues and tournaments will be posted along with the information about the event under youth and adult categories. For youth and adult costs, please look at the "Cost to Participate" tabs under "Youth Sand Soccer" and "Adult Sand Soccer". 


What is the Thunder Beach KC refund policy?

Our general policy is refunds are not available. Often our rosters have limited space and last minute cancellations hinder our ability to properly plan and organize our leagues/tournaments. However, there are a few exceptions...


  • If you provide us with written notice of your need for a refund up to seven (7) days notice prior to the registration deadline for that season, we will be able to provide you a refund. Depending upon the price of the league and if you registered as an individual or team there may be a processing fee.
  • A season program credit may be offered in lieu of a refund. 
  • In case of injury prior to or during the season, we will evaluate each situation on a case by case basis.
  • If a league has to be canceled for one reason or another and you are unable to play in a different league, Thunder Beach KC will provide you with a full refund.
  • All season refund credits must be used within two of the following seasons. 
  • If you are unable to participate after completing the registration process, we are able to provide you a credit for any future Thunder Beach Sand Soccer KC program.


What are the requirements to coach a youth sand soccer team?

All youth coaches in the state of Kansas are required to complete a background check through the Kansas State Youth Soccer Association at a cost of $20. If you are already registered with KSYSA and have already completed your background check, you will not be required to complete this again for Thunder Beach Sand Soccer KC program participation.


What equipment is needed to play sand soccer?


  • Players MAY NOT wear shinguards or shoes
  • Sand socks are optional
  • Authorized footwear includes bare feet, cotton socks taped to ankles, elastic ankle and/or foot wraps, and commercially manufactured sand socks. Other commercial beach socks with soft soles are authorized.
  • Sand soccer-specific soccer balls will be provided for league play
  • As part of the league registration fee, team t-shirts will be provided and are the players to keep


Notes on Team Shirts: When the team registers, the coach (youth) or team captain (adult) will select a color of shirt offered by Thunder Beach KC. The color is not guaranteed and is arranged first come, first serve. No other shirt is permitted for participants in Thunder Beach Sand Soccer KC leagues. If a player does not have their team shirt, they are permitted to wear a pinnie on two separate occasions before they are required to sit out until a replacement shirt has arrived. Replacement shirts cost $10. 


What size is a sand soccer pitch (field)?

Sand soccer pitch varies for the different ages of sand soccer players. U9 - U12, the pitch is 73 feet by 73 feet. All older Thunder Beach KC age groups will play on a field that is 135 feet by 73 feet.